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Who Should Undergo Annual Physicals?

What Does an Annual Physical Exam Include?

Are you hesitating to follow through your annual physical examination? You’re not alone. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, although a staggering 92% consider annual physicals to be important, only 62% actually go through it.

Vijay Patel, MD, an internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, explains that although it may be not necessary for some, some individuals are better off undergoing it year by year. Thus, if you belong to any of the following groups, it would be best to take your annual physicals:

  • Aging individuals.

    Our bodies are significantly different from when we were younger. Aging changes everything about us, from our physical appearance to our cellular composition. Moreover, our organs do not function as efficiently, and our metabolism may slow as well as our mental cognition. These changes, however, happen slowly such that it is only detectable through an annual physical.

  • Individuals who are at an increased risk for diseases.

    An annual physical allows doctors to monitor your health to prevent disease and, in cases where it develops, catch it early on to increase survival through timely medical care.

  • Individuals who want to build a good relationship with their doctor.

    We’ve often heard that this is not a good enough reason to undergo yearly physicals; however, as a family clinic in New Jersey, we say this is particularly useful to patients who take time getting used to other people, including a doctor. At the same time, this allows the doctor to spot irregularities in your medical results or, if you have a condition, catch changes immediately.

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