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What Does an Annual Physical Exam Include?

What Does an Annual Physical Exam Include?

Are you due for your first annual physical? Or have you decided on finally taking the test again after missing it the past few years? We know it can be a little daunting to take (or retake) it like all proper first times are. As such, we’ve listed down some of the usual types of examinations we offer at our family clinic in New Jersey to give you an idea of what to expect from us.

Provided by Vijay Patel, MD, the leading internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, our annual physicals include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Blood Tests

    These tests check for abnormalities in the blood through complete blood count (CBC) tests, chemistry panels such as lipid and thyroid hormone tests, fasting blood sugar tests, among others.

  • Stool Exam

    This exam determines issues in your colon that would warrant further medical care, such as blood or dark-colored stools.

  • Urinalysis

    This test analyzes your urinary system for possible kidney problems, such as the formation of deposits and infections like urinary tract infection or UTI.

  • Vital Signs Check

    This test covers checking for heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, temperature, and more, to see the condition of your essential body functions.

  • Physical State/Appearance

    This test takes note of the changes in your physical appearance to check for areas of possible concerns, such as new moles or gait abnormalities, weight gain or loss, among others.

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