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Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

The first thing that patients diagnosed with high blood pressure usually does is to take medications to bring those numbers down. However, lifestyle plays a huge factor, too. If you successfully control yourself and commit to a healthy lifestyle, your transition can be your alternative medical care. By making the necessary changes, you can reduce or delay your need for medications.

Our Family Clinic in New Jersey provides the following list of lifestyle changes to reduce the level of your blood pressure and maintain it that way:

  • Shed off extra pounds and maintain a healthy waistline.

    As your weight increases, blood pressure can equally increase as well. Being overweight can disrupt breathing while sleeping, raising your blood pressure as a result. Aside from shedding off pounds, you should also keep track of your waistline as carrying too much weight around the waist can put you at a greater risk of high blood pressure.

  • Exercise regularly.

    Sounds cliché, but regularly following an exercise program approved by your physician can effectively help reduce blood pressure. Make it a goal to consistently spend 150 minutes a week or about 30 minutes a day.

  • Watch out what you eat.

    Eat a diet rich in grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Consider boosting your potassium intake while reducing sodium in your diet.

Other than the above-mentioned tips, get more expert advice from an internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey We here at Vijay Patel, MD would love to help you out.

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