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How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Two factors that prevent the joints and bones to rub together are cartilages and lubricating synovial fluid. However, with increasing age, lifting too much weight, and injuries can wear and tear your cartilage. An internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, provides the best ways to care for your joints, which in turn, can keep your ligaments, bones, and muscles stable and strong.

  • Watch your weight

    Keeping your weight within a healthy range prevents your joints to bear much pressure. Your knees, backs, and hips are your weight-bearing joints that support most of your body mass. Research has shown that with every pound gained, a person puts four times more stress on the knees. A family clinic in New Jersey suggests that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep a healthy weight.

  • Know your limits

    Some types of activities and exercises may become too tough for your joints to initially handle. Level up slowly. Modify activities that cause joint pain with the help of your trainer, physical therapist, or coach.

  • Perfect your posture

    Stand and sit up straight. Slouching is not good for your joints. Not only does good posture protect your joints from neck to knees, but it also helps guard your back muscles and hip joints.

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