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Differentiating Allergies, Colds, and the Flu

Differentiating Allergies, Colds, and the Flu

Ever get the feeling that you might have the flu, but it also might just be a cold? Could it be an allergy? Determining what you have based on how you feel can be quite challenging. The difficulty lies in how each of those conditions expresses their symptoms.

Each of the conditions mentioned above more or less manifest in the same way. Sneezing, sore throat, and a general feeling of being unwell are just some of the common symptoms they exhibit. The good thing is that if you seek proper medical care, the symptoms they present can be manageable.

If you ask a qualified doctor from our family clinic in New Jersey, we can tell you exactly how to differentiate one condition from the other. Here are some of their differences:

  • Certain viruses cause colds and the flu. Usually, having the flu means having a high fever, which lasts for days.
  • Exposure to allergens causes allergies. Symptomatically, itchy and watery eyes occur in people having allergic reactions.
  • Allergies only happen upon exposure to allergens. They usually happen instantly, but also stop when not exposed to the allergens anymore.
  • Finally, persons with colds or the flu will need a few days to recover.

Knowing what condition you have is just half the battle. And, unfortunately, you might not diagnose yourself correctly. That is why a board-certified internal medicine doctor in Old Bridge, New Jersey, like Vijay Patel, MD, should check your symptoms. Only qualified doctors like him can accurately diagnose and treat your condition. Please schedule an appointment with him here.

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